About Us

PassThrough was created in consultation with a team of attorneys who have spent the last decade fighting for merchants because of the unfair practices of the major credit card companies. Our mission is to give merchants real options to save money when it comes to accepting credit and debit cards.

Merchants and small business owners have enough to worry about. They don’t need more hassle and complexity. So we outlined some guiding principles about merchant surcharging that must be met.


Implementing surcharging should be simple. Just because the rule changes around it are complex doesn’t mean the actual practice of surcharging needs to be. That’s why PassThrough provides one fixed surcharge on all credit cards.

Strictly Compliant

While surcharging should be easy to implement, it all needs to be strictly compliant with the new rules. We give merchants decals for your store entrance and cash register that contain all the necessary disclosures.


Last, we want surcharging to be fair.  Our pricing is fully transparent (one fixed rate). This allows merchants to pass along that cost – no more, no less – to their customers who choose to pay with credit cards.  And for those customers who pay with debit cards, we offer super competitive prices.

Transaction Services


PassThrough is a service offered through Transaction Services, a registered ISO/MSP/TPP of WestAmerica Bank, and a leading provider of payment processing services in the U.S.