Recent Visa and MasterCard Rules Changes Allow Merchants To Accept Credit Cards At No Cost

 New York, NEW YORK—January 8, 2015—Passthrough is a new credit card processing service that allows merchants to finally combat the escalating and prohibitive cost of accepting credit cards in their establishments.  Due to a recent class-action settlement, Visa and MasterCard have ended their decades-long prohibition against merchant surcharging. Merchants are now allowed to pass along credit card fees to customers by way of a discrete surcharge.

But nothing is ever easy when it comes to credit card acceptance. The rules that govern a merchant’s ability to surcharge are wrapped in a complicated web of overlapping credit card network regulations and state statutes. A business wishing to offset credit card acceptance fees by surcharging must strictly comply with these rules and regulations. That’s where PassThrough comes in. PassThrough provides a simple and fully compliant way for merchants to process credit cards for free.

Each merchant who signs up with PassThrough’s service is sent a free POS terminal that automatically applies surcharges to credit cards and provides customers with itemized receipts.   PassThrough also provides merchants with compliant signage. Passthrough uses the state-of-the art gateway of Transactions Services LLC, a registered ISO/MSP/TPP of Chesapeake Bank, so credit card processing is fast and reliable.

Debate rages about the impact of surcharges on consumers. But influential consumer groups like US Public Interest Research Group (US PIRG) and the Consumers League have long supported a merchant’s right to surcharge, because surcharge bans have forced merchants and their customers that pay with cash and debit cards to pay enormous hidden fees in return for all the “free” rewards credit card holders enjoy. Passing on credit card fees to those customers that choose to pay with credit cards allows merchants to provide fair and transparent pricing to all their customers.

Industry data reveals that merchant surcharging in other countries has not had a negative effect on sales. In Australia, where surcharging has been permitted for over a decade, more than 40% of large merchants impose surcharges.

Want to know more? PassThrough recently published, “The Definitive Guide to Credit Card Surcharging (for Merchants),” to help merchants understand their surcharging options.

For more information about merchant surcharging and PassThrough, please contact Passthrough at and 1-855-371-4430.